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Public training

Optimiso Group offers public training as 4 hours morning sessions. These seminars annually attract more than 200 participants. They are an opportunity to discuss key issues of management with other companies, to discover specific cases and especially to benefit from the expertise of our field trainers. This format, short and intensive, is ideal for executives or managers often very busy.

« In a morning we examined the topic from all sides in a short, concise and pragmatic way »
« Finally a training more practical than theoretical! »
« Always very busy, this intensive course has permitted me to go into these key themes in depth »


to discover a theme in a concise, precise and pragmatic way


registrations from the first courses more than 5 years ago


of participants ready to recommend our courses

In-company training

Optimiso Group proposes a full range of in-company training. You can benefit from customized training according to you industry and public concerned. These courses can take place on 4 hours half day or 7 hours full day. With our common or customized training, you will certainly find the one that suits you!

Our trainers pay particularly attention to present concrete examples and they bring you all their expertise acquired from a long field experience.

You will find many of our training topics in the catalog but in-company training can also cover others like:

  • Environmental management | ISO 14001:2015
  • Internal quality audit
  • Motivate employee to the management systems
  • etc.

To get more information and prepare your in-house training: