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About Optimiso Group

About Optimiso Group

Founded in 2005, Optimiso Group SA has its head office in Geneva and other offices in Lausanne and Paris. Today private companies and public administrations choose Optimiso Group to describe, model and communicate their organization.
Optimiso Group mainly operates in Switzerland and France.
We provide software solutions and consulting services for projects related to the internal organization, quality management, internal control system, risk management and ISO certifications.
The methods and the software we provide are based on more than 20 years of development and field experience.

Optimiso software was founded more than 20 years ago when it was difficult for companies to manage documentation related to quality management. We develeped Optimiso software to speed and simplify creating and updating documentation and to ensure employee commitment to a quality management system.

Upon its success, we quickly expanded the software to help with internal organization, internal control system, risk management, environmental or food management, information security and other organization challenges.
Optimiso software is the ideal solution to model and communicate companies’ internal organization. It exceeds the expectations of managers, employees and auditors.

Our consulting services were launched to support clients that lacked resources or the internal expertise to create documentation for quality management projects. Our consultants worked with customers in documenting their internal documentation such as processes or procedures. We also helped clients obtain the ISO 9001 certification.

Really satisfied, some of customers also asked our consultants to regularly update documentation, which led to adding update services.
It wasn’t long before we extended services to include internal organization, internal control system, risk management, and environmental or food management.



Our values

“We believe that success and sustainability of any business depends on good organization.
And we believe that simple and useful documentation ensures customer satisfaction and employee involvement.”

Our team

Optimiso Group consists of people with many talents who are experts in their fields.

Internal developers
The software development team is internal to the Optimiso Group company. They are skilled specialists who stay up-to-date in their field and with customer needs. We make it a priorority for everyone involved in customer projects to achieve the most important goal: satisfy our customers!

Experienced consultants
Our consultants work to ensure the success of your project and maintain implemented best practices. Their expertise allows us to work with small to medium-sized businesses as well as public or international institutions. Every client gets a dedicated consultant to carry out their project. We also make sure that all of our consultants know about clients project so they can step in to help out right away if needed.

Optimiso software consultants provide training and support to our customers in incorporating their data into the software.