Management system standards bring many benefits. In particular, they make it possible to structure the organization and promote continuous improvement in order to achieve the objectives set.

With Optimiso Suite software, you promote the support of all employees thanks to an intuitive and interactive web platform. You also save considerable time in systems management by automating many tasks. The software makes it easy to manage the three QSE aspects – Quality, Safety and Environment – for an integrated management system (IMS).

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ISO 9001 certification

Make ISO 9001 certification simple and useful for everyone with Optimiso Suite software.

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ISO 14001 certification

With Optimiso Suite, benefit from a useful and easy ISO 14001 certification.

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ISO 45001 certification

Apply the ISO 45001 standard with confidence with the Optimiso Suite software.

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ISO 22000 certification

With the Optimiso Suite software, benefit from automated ISO 22000 certification and ensure traceability.

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ISO 13485 certification

Benefit from a simplified and automated ISO 13485 certification with Optimiso Suite software.

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ISO 27001 certification

Easily manage your ISO 27001 certified information security system with Optimiso Suite.

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Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)

With Optimiso Suite software, facilitate certification and apply RJC best practices.

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