Improve your efficiency while proving your good practices

Solar, electricity, gas, multimedia… Are you active in the energy sector as a producer, operator, transporter, distributor or supplier? Then you must guarantee supply and distribution, ensure the proper functioning of the network and carry out installations at your customers’ premises.

In order to prove your good practices and get mandates, you are probably certified ISO 9001 to attest the quality of your services, ISO 14001 or B Corp to improve your environmental performance, ISO 45001 for the health and safety of your employees or ISO 50001 for an efficient energy management.

Also, you may have implemented an internal control system to meet legal requirements and ensure stable financial reporting to your clients for the services you provide.

To demonstrate compliance with these various requirements, you must:

  • Identify and assess risks and opportunities (Safety, Operations and Environment)
  • Effectively deal with incidents and non-conformities
  • Implement performance indicators
  • Describe your internal organization
  • Design reports and other legal documents

Make these requirements a real asset for your company

Facilitate the management of your QSE, internal organization and internal control systems. Like many energy players, choose the Optimiso Suite solution and:

  • Motivate your employees with a reliable and centralized QSE system
  • Facilitate the declaration of incidents and non-conformities
  • Automate the follow-up of tasks, controls and improvement actions
  • Simplify access to internal documents for employees
  • Approach audits with confidence and impress your auditors

A project ?

Do you have a project related to Quality, Internal Control or Internal Organization?