Ensure a simple and useful ISO 9001 certification for everyone

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Ensure a simple and useful ISO 9001 certification for everyone

A simplified management of the Quality Management System

Applied in a pragmatic way, the ISO 9001 standard stimulates the competitiveness of your company. Its standardised processes guarantee the quality of your products and services, and thus the satisfaction of your customers.
Optimiso quality software streamlines and automates your quality management system (QMS).

Simplify the complexity of the approach and motivate employees

Management, employees and the quality manager find the quality documentation simplified and streamlined.
Saving time and energy, Optimiso software offers access to all information in just a few clicks.

An intuitive and interactive platform, accessible to everyone at all times

  • Simplification of task follow-ups, knowledge transfers and procedural modifications
  • Clear definition of responsibilities
  • Rapid reporting of non-compliances
  • Simplified management of internal quality audits
  • Automatic alert on the indicators to be measured
  • Easy task management for the quality manager and publishing of the compliance matrix for the ISO 9001 audit

Which modules for quality management?

The ideal graphic tool to easily model processes and procedures
Manage, archive, and easily view your internal documents
Effectively manage incidents, corrective and preventive actions, or improvement projects
Simply analyse and evaluate all your company’s risks
Easily define and assess employees competencies
Identify the regulations applicable to the company and the elements put in place to meet them
Identify key indicators and automatically collect their measurements from employees