A simple and useful ISO 9001 certification for everyone

Optimiso Suite simplifies and automates your quality management system certified  ISO 9001. Information is centralized, updates are automated and thus you control the costs linked to certification.

Intuitive and easy-to-access tool, Optimiso Suite software improves employee and management adherence to the quality system.

  • Reliable and centralized quality system
  • Improved participation in quality management
  • Facilitated internal and external audits


Reliable and centralized quality system

Reliable and centralized quality system

All the elements necessary for certification are centralized on a single platform: processes, procedures, incidents, non-conformities, customer complaints, indicators, audits, risks, responsibilities, skills, improvement projects, etc. Optimiso Suite automatically draws processes, procedures, flowcharts, maps and creates job descriptions.

In addition, the software makes it easy to manage the three QSE aspects – Quality, Safety and Environment – for an integrated management system (IMS).

With Optimiso Suite, information is continuously updated thanks to a powerful links system that ensures data consistency. A single change is reflected everywhere! All the modifications are tracked, the different versions are archived and Optimiso Suite helps to manage thanks to a simple validation workflow.

  • Centralization of all information
  • Automatic update of versions
  • Consistent and error-free QMS
Improved participation in quality management

Improved participation in quality management

Quality management becomes a pleasant experience for employees and management. Thanks to the intuitive interfaces, it is easy to find the right information and display it in different views. The user always has access to the latest version of the documentation and can easily report an incident or suggest an improvement.

Optimiso Suite software works for you! It sends reminders to the employee and helps him carry out his tasks related to quality management. For example: measuring indicators, monitoring incidents and improvements in which the employee is involved, easily updating the documentation for which he is responsible, etc.

  • Quick and immediate access to all documentation, wherever you are
  • Employees relieved of numerous tasks
  • A team better involved in quality management
Internal and external audits facilitated

Internal and external audits facilitated

Optimiso Suite is a digital solution, recognized internationally by ISO auditors.
For the Quality Manager, this is a real time saver in the preparation of the audit. The auditor has easy access to all the documentation on a single site. The compliance matrix allows him to quickly see the responses to the requirements of ISO 9001.

The auditor can also access old versions, proofs and records since Optimiso Suite ensures traceability, history and archiving.

In addition, the follow-up of audits is digitalized. Findings, non-conformities, corrective actions and preventive actions are therefore easy to manage.

  • Easy answers to questions from auditors
  • Automatic follow-up of recommendations and non-conformities
  • Immediate access to all documentation, modes of proof and records

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Prices for ISO 9001 software

Some examples of prices for Optimiso Suite in Cloud mode


The fundamentals for getting started: describe and communicate the processes, procedures and other documents.

With the modules :

◊  Processes
◊  Procedures
◊  Linked Documents

292 € excl. VAT per month

for 1 editor
and up to 10 readers


Ideal for further digitizing the QMS and managing incidents, improvements and risks.

With the modules of the Basic Pack and

◊  Incidents
◊  Improvements
◊  Risks

446 € excl. VAT per month

for 1 editor
and up to 10 readers


To go further and integrate mitigation measures, indicators, skills, missions, compliance with the standard, etc.

With the modules of the Standard Pack and

◊  Controls
◊  Indicators
◊  Skills
◊  ToDo Manager

◊  Business Intelligence
◊  Standards & Laws
◊  Assets

1’080 € excl. VAT per month

for 1 editor
and up to 10 readers

A consulting service at your disposal

A consulting service at your disposal

Benefit from consultants with extensive practical experience in ISO 9001 certification to support you in your project. Discover our consultancy services here.

Choose Optimiso Suite as you wish

Choose Optimiso Suite as you wish

In Cloud mode (SaaS) to free you from any technical constraints or in license mode (On-premise) to keep control of your software environment.

A quality support

A quality support

Benefit from both technical and business experts who have implemented similar projects. In addition, you benefit every month from good practices in video or image as well as a support platform with numerous training courses and FAQs.

  • Reliable and simplified internal control
  • Fully automated monitoring of controls
  • Reporting and solution approved by auditors
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