Effectively ensure the safety of food

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Effectively ensure the safety of food

A controlled food safety system

The ISO 22000 certification proves the company’s ability to ensure food safety throughout the food chain. Processes are established and monitored, while risks are identified and controlled.

From the farm or the factory to the plate, the quality of the products is guaranteed. And you gain the trust and satisfaction of your customers.

Master the food safety and promote the trust of your customers

Optimiso software makes your job easier with an intuitive and interactive web platform. Processes are easily modelled, risks identified and kept under control. Employees’ awareness is increased, while they can easily declare non-compliances and participate in continuous improvement.

Simply meet the requirements of the ISO 22000 standard

  • Simple description of processes
  • Clearly defined responsibilities
  • Analysis and assessment of food safety hazards
  • Automatic alert of control measures to be performed and monitoring of their status in real time
  • Rapid reporting of non-compliances
  • Easy tracking of corrective actions
  • Automatic creation of a compliance matrix for the ISO 22000 audit

Which modules for food safety management?

The ideal graphic tool to easily model processes and procedures
Manage, archive, and easily view your internal documents
Effectively manage incidents, corrective and preventive actions, or improvement projects
Identify, document and automatically track the implementation of controls
Easily define and assess employees competencies
Identify the regulations applicable to the company and the elements put in place to meet them
Identify key indicators and automatically collect their measurements from employees