A software suite to meet all your needs

The Optimiso software allows you to model, manage and communicate the organization and internal documentation of your establishment: processes, procedures, responsibilities, documents, risks, controls, indicators, employee specifications, etc.

Optimiso software is the ideal tool to structure your internal organization and meet the requirements of quality management (ISO 9001), internal control system (ICS), risk management, occupational health and safety, environmental management (ISO 14001) ), information security (ISO 27001), food security (ISO 22000), etc.

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Management system standards bring many benefits. In particular, they make it possible to structure the organization and promote continuous improvement in order to achieve the objectives set.

With Optimiso Suite software, you promote the support of all employees thanks to an intuitive and interactive web platform.

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Internal control

A legal obligation for many establishments, internal control can become an advantage if it is implemented in a useful and pragmatic way.


Thanks to the Optimiso Suite software, you automatically carry out the monitoring of controls and the internal control matrix. You transform this regulatory constraint into real benefit for all.

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Risk management

Essential risk management allows any institution to evolve more sustainably. Associated with the concepts of governance and compliance, you guarantee an activity in line with the regulations that govern it and with internal policies.

Optimiso software allows you to easily manage and evaluate risks. You demonstrate your compliance with current rules and processes while providing real added value to daily activities.

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Organisation and Human Resources

Whatever your activity may be, internal organisation is the basis for the smooth running of your business. It is not enough to think about it and explain it to employees, it must also be described and made easily accessible to all.

With Optimiso software, you will gain in efficiency and flexibility.

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