Supporting our clients with passion

Men have always sought to facilitate their organisation, improve their tools and share their knowledge. The great civilisations have translated these needs by defining regulations and controls.

From a historical point of view, legal and regulatory requirements no longer appear as an obstacle to action, but rather as a support for innovation and progress!

At Optimiso Group, we are fascinated by human inventions that help to work better together and develop new practices. It is with this constructive vision that we accompany each of our clients.

Transform your constraints into strengths

Standards and other regulatory requirements are often complex and misinterpreted. This can be confusing for more than one institution.

At Optimiso Group, we understand your difficulties. Since 2005, we have been working to give new meaning to your internal controlISO certificationsrisk managementorganisation & HR processes.

We work to ensure that procedures are never a burden, but rather a real advantage for the company and its employees.

Digital makes your life easier

In everything we do, we pursue the same goal: to make things simple and useful! This is our staff’s daily state of mind, a team of enthusiasts who combine Swiss rigour with French creativity.

We use the best technology to offer pragmatic and intuitive solutions.

The Optimiso Suite software is therefore developed to best meet your business needs. It constantly integrates new technologies to relieve you of as many tasks as possible and to work for you.

Inspired by great adventurers

In an ever-changing environment, companies face ever more complex or unpredictable risks. The slightest negligence can jeopardise their image, financial health and above all their employees’ safety. Identifying, assessing and managing risks can quickly become an extreme adventure.

This is why, at Optimiso Group, we cultivate endurance and determination. We take our cue from sailors, astronauts and outstanding athletes who embody ambition, perseverance, but also unfailing patience.

We like to invite these ico9nic personalities to our client events. Mike Horn and Géraldine Fasnacht have thus inspired us with their exceptional conferences.

Wherever you need us

Provided in French, English or German, our support knows no borders. Our Cloud solutions do not depend on distance.

In insurance, banking, public administration, industry, construction, medical and social sectors, we equip institutions of all sizes, all over the world. Our teams provide quality service, whether face-to-face or by videoconference, to all our customers.

With Optimiso Group, you are choosing a strong firm that strives to ensure the continuity and sustainability of its activities, a company at the cutting edge of technology as well as a passionate team.