Easily prove your good practices and support your beneficiaries serenely


As a social or medico-social establishment, you have probably implemented a quality management system, certified or not ISO 9001. This way, you demonstrate the quality of your services (reception, support, care…) and ensure the satisfaction of your beneficiaries and stakeholders.

Many establishments in the social sector also choose to clarify the responsibilities of employees or to describe work procedures in order to control activities and ensure the transmission of knowledge.

In addition, you often need to demonstrate the proper use of public money by implementing an internal control and risk management system. The goal is to prevent fraud and errors.

To prove your compliance with these various requirements, you must :

  • Describe your internal organization (processes, work procedures, etc.)
  • Identify and assess risks (personal or financial security)
  • Manage incidents, complaints or adverse events
  • Set up controls and ensure their proper execution
  • Draw up reports and other legal documents

Facilitate the management of your Quality, Internal control and Risk systems

As many social establishments, make these requirements and standards a real asset for your establishment by choosing Optimiso Suite!

  • Have procedures that are understandable by employees and up to date
  • Clarify everyone’s responsibilities
  • Easily communicate all documents to employees
  • Encourage the reporting of incidents and gain in responsiveness in their treatment
  • Easily manage all elements of internal control
  • Follow in real time the realization of the controls
  • Easily prove your compliance during audits

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