CSR of Optimiso Group


Reduce the environmental impact

Optimiso Group is committed to identify its impact on the environment and implementing preventive actions to reduce it.

  • Use of eco-mobility means for professional travel
  • Dematerialization of media and recycling of consumables
  • Offices located in a Minergie building
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valeurs humaines

Place human at the heart of our values

Optimiso Group places human at the heart of its values. Optimiso Group applies a commited policy to its employees and to others.

  • Participation in the integration of young people in the job market
  • Contribution to the well-being of employees and rejection of all discrimination
  • Support for social and sports associations

Bring sustainable value

Optimiso Group aims to increase its position as an international economic player in the fields of internal control, ISO certifications, risk management and internal organization.

  • Innovation, our priority
  • Quality, satisfaction and security for our customers
  • Stability and continuity assured
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