Model your processes simply

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Model your processes simply

For optimal modelling of processes

Good process management gives you a cross-functional view of activities and responsibilities within your company. It optimises tasks, resolves conflicts and avoids misunderstandings or dysfunctions.
The Optimiso process software is the ideal tool for modelling.

Simplify the description and facilitate access to processes

Implementing process management requires additional work and specific skills.
Based on the BPM tools (Business Process Modelling), Optimiso software makes it possible to simply establish the description and the process map. It guarantees an easy description of business processes.

View your processes in just one click

  • Modelling and process updating facilitated
  • Processes accessible to all employees in one click
  • Speed of integration of new employees
  • Process map view
  • Processes and procedures workflow validation
  • Clarification of responsibilities

Which modules for process management?

The ideal graphic tool to easily model processes and procedures
Manage, archive, and easily view your internal documents