Easily write your operational manual to transmit your know-how

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Easily write your operational manual to transmit your know-how

An identical customer experience across all franchisees

To ensure the success of your franchise, the writing of the operational or operating manual is essential. It is THE reference document that franchisees lean on when looking to apply your way of doing things. It ensures the correct reproduction of your concept.

Ensure the operating manual is used by franchisees

With Optimiso software, rather than a document with hundreds of pages, you offer your franchisees an intuitive and interactive web platform on which they will find all the necessary information. Procedures, pictorial processes, instructions, standard forms, job descriptions, organisational charts, etc. You simply create procedures that will be easy to update and, above all, understandable to everyone.

Simplify the creation and update of your operating manual

  • All the information accessible in one click for your franchisees
  • Procedure modelling facilitated
  • Automatic creation of job descriptions and organisational charts
  • New franchises speedily integrated
  • Dynamic relationships between all organisational elements for quick updating and reliable data

Which modules for the operating manual?

The ideal graphic tool to easily model processes and procedures
Manage, archive, and easily view your internal documents
Easily define employee assignments and track their performance in real time
Easily define and assess employees competencies