Easily apply Governance Risk and Compliance to protect your business

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Easily apply Governance Risk and Compliance to protect your business

Light management of the GRC

Monitoring ever-increasing regulations is a real challenge. For optimal management, it is essential to ensure data reliability, risk awareness and compliance with the law.

With the GRC Optimiso software, you manage risks and ensure that your activities comply with regulatory requirements.

Master your GRC and turn regulatory constraints into real benefits

Thanks to Optimiso’s Risk Management and Compliance software, you’ll be able to adapt to regulatory changes and ensure that your activities comply with internal policies. It enables the consolidation and continuous updating of the company’s key indicators. It helps reduce operational risks. Management has an instant overview of risks and controls.

Facilitate GRC application

  • Real-time monitoring of the implementation of controls
  • Overview of the risks - they are clearly identified and assessed
  • Automated reporting for internal audit
  • Accessibility of processes and internal policies

Which modules for Governance Risk and Compliance?

Identify, document and automatically track the implementation of controls
Identify the regulations applicable to the company and the elements put in place to meet them
The ideal graphic tool to easily model processes and procedures
Manage, archive, and easily view your internal documents
Effectively manage incidents, corrective and preventive actions, or improvement projects
Simply analyse and evaluate all your company’s risks
Easily define and assess employees competencies
Identify key indicators and automatically collect their measurements from employees