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Software | Risk Manager


Analyze, assess, and manage your organization’s risks

Risk Manager can identify and assess risks to define controls for preventing or mitigating risks and develop action plans for the risks.

The module can link risks to related elements such as processes, procedures, employees, roles and functions, documents, departments / units, and key performance indicators.

If you add ToDo Manager® module, it’ll automatically send emails when there is a deadline for a risk review.

When used with the Web Share Navigator module, employees will be able to view all risks on an intuitive website.

Risk Manager features:

  • Keeps history of risk assessment.
  • Links risks with controls and action plans
  • Updates information in an instant.
  • Edits analytical reports including risk mapping, risk sheet, and matrix of risks.
  • Provides visual of the risks on the processes or work procedures when used with the Process Modelor module.
  • Links and maps risks with all your internal organization’s elements.