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  • Does your organization chart reflect your company’s current structure?
  • Does it communicate to everyone — internal and external — who does what?
  • Is your company growing? Or could it operate more efficiently with some reorganization?

The org chart is essential for showing how the company is staffed to illustrate who is responsible for which tasks and goals. It also helps employees see where they fall within the company’s hierarchy. A well-designed chart can highlight staffing and reorganization needs.

Creating and maintaining a useful and accurate organizational chart takes more than a template. Optimiso Group’s consulting services makes the complex simple in designing useable org charts to ensure your company makes the most of every opportunity. We also offer software and training.


Simplify creating and updating your org chart that links to organization elements.

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Simplify the creation and update of your org chart ; create links with all the organisational elements
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Attend training taught by experts who have years of practical experience.

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Creating or Updating Your Org Chart
We can manage the project for you, which includes interviewing key employees and producing a current org chart. Or we can share the work by covering only the tasks you want us to do and manage a limited aspect of the project.

Consulting service
One of our consultants comes to your office and provides advice on how to create your org chart that communicates who does what.


Optimiso’s process software can create and maintain your organization chart. All items in the chart link to other elements such as employees, processes, documents and risks. This makes it simple to update the org chart as changes funnel throughout the chart.


You and your team can attend public training sessions or request personalized onsite training on how to create and manage org charts.