Optimiso Group transforms your regulatory constraints into an advantage.

Founded in 2005, Optimiso Group quickly becomes the preferred partner of private companies and governments. With headquarters in Geneva and offices in Lausanne and Paris, we are specialists in the description, modelling and communication of internal organizations. The methods and software offered are based on twenty years of research and experience in the field.

“We believe that the success and sustainability of any business depends on its good organisation, which is documented in a simple and pragmatic way, ensuring customer satisfaction and employee involvement”

From Optimiso to Optimiso Suite


Optimiso software was born as a result of it becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to manage their documentation. As experts in this field, we created it to simplify regulatory constraints related to quality management and to turn them into real profits for the company.

A veritable success right from the start, Optimiso software rapidly expanded to deal with other problems. Adapted according to needs, it responds to issues related to risk management, internal control and many other topics of internal organisation.

Now fully redeveloped in a web version, the software meets the new needs of users. It follows technological developments. Named Optimiso Suite it is the ideal solution to model and communicate the internal organisation of all establishments. Optimo Suite offers executives, employees and auditors real advantages for their activities.

Because we want to fully support companies, Optimiso Group also offers a consulting service. Our consultants work on your premises in order to describe your internal documentation and assist you in obtaining certifications. They write, manage your project and support you in a spirit of accomplishment and collaboration. Their goal is the success of your project.