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Ideal graphics tool that easily documents your processes and procedures

Equipped with an intuitive interface, Process Modelor helps you design all your process flows, diagrams, and flow charts. It contains powerful algorithms to automatically redraw your designs as you make changes.

The designs contains dynamic and automatic links connecting all the elements of your organization with associated processes and procedures. These include employees, roles and functions, documents, departments and units, dashboards, risks, mitigation measures, and controls.

When used with the Web Share Navigator module, the system can automatically create an interactive and useful website that lets your employees effortlessly find and review all the processes and  procedures.

Process Modelor features:

  • Draws processes and procedures automatically.
  • Contains intuitive contextual toolbar.
  • Offers many design choices for processes and procedures.
  • Links and maps processes and procedures with related elements.
  • Edits analytical reports.
  • Updates information instantly.