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Software | Control Safety & Security Manager


Define, document and categorize your mitigation measures or controls

Control Safety and Security Manager module helps you identify and document all the implemented mitigation measures (or controls). These controls can be linked with associated elements such as processes, procedures, employees, roles and functions, documents, departments and units, indicators, and risks.

Integrating the ToDo Manager®, module adds functionality that automatically sends emails as deadlines for the controls come up, to help employees make sure the work is completed on time.

When you add the Web Share Navigator module, employees can access the mitigation measures on the intuitive website.

Control Safety and Security Manager features:

  • Links mitigation measures (or controls) with risk.
  • Edits multiple analytical reports such as control sheet, matrices (by processes, line of the chart of accounts, etc.), and supervision control.
  • Creates a visual of the controls on the processes or work procedures when used with the  Process Modelor module.
  • Updates information instantly.
  • Links and maps mitigation controls with all the elements of your internal organization.