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Solutions | Internal control system


  • Do employees clearly know which controls they’re responsible for?
  • Does your internal control system help for your business as well as answer auditing requirements?
  • How long does it take to build the internal control report?
  • How can you be sure that controls are well done?

Internal controls ensure your company meets its operations objectives, complies with applicable laws and regulations and creates a reliable financial reporting process. Whichever you need, Optimiso Group can help you develop and manage an effective internal control system.

You’ll have the tools and services you need for a successful journey with our consulting services, training or software.


Gain full support to create and implement your ICS or get personalized advice.
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Document and communicate your ICS or track controls in real-time.
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Get training on the internal control system and learn from concrete examples.
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Creating Internal Control System (ICS)
You can have us do all the work for you. Using the latest best practices, we create all the documentation you need for your internal control system. Or we can share the work with you. Your team takes responsibility for certain tasks and delegates the rest to us.

We can help:

  • Describe your processes, procedures and activities.
  • Redact rules for managing your ICS.
  • Identify risks and controls.
  • Do a risk assessment.
  • Create an ICS report that includes an ICS matrix and risks map.

Consulting service
One of our consultants comes to your office regularly, and shows your employees how to create documentation and what activities need to be done to carry out your internal control system. We support your team as they do the work.

ICS Assessment and Diagnostic
We assess your internal control system. Using experience and current best practices, we provide recommendations on how to improve it.

ICS: Update
To maximize your internal control system, it needs to be updated regularly. One of our consultants works with you to update your system and assist with related tasks.

Virtual Internal Control Manager
Need someone to fill the role of an internal control manager, but not ready to hire full-time? You can get a virtual internal control manager who comes to your office about once a week and takes on the responsibility.


Automate, manage and update your internal controls with Optimiso software. The software makes it effortless for your employees to find and access information, document processes and update documentation. By implementing ICS software, the employee responsible for the ICS won’t have to spend much time creating reports because the software does it automatically.

Optimiso Internal Control Software
Optimiso software lets your employees document your internal controls and share them with others. It also supports team collaboration. The ToDo Manager module helps make sure that your staff uses the controls defined in your system and that assigned tasks are completed.

Other modules in the Optimiso ICS software include:


You and your team can attend public internal control system training sessions or request personalized onsite training. Topics include:

  • Internal control system.
  • Risk management.
  • Description of processes and procedures.