risques départ collaborateur

5 risks related to employee departures: How to protect yourself?

Employee departures are sometimes complicated to manage and hinder the smooth running of the company. What are the risks linked to these departures? What measures can be taken to anticipate them? How to ensure a good transition?   1 | Break in continuity When an employee leaves, there is a risk that their activities will […]

Publié le 29 Nov 2022
Difference entre processus et procedure

Understand (finally) the difference between process and procedure

Process or procedure ? Intimately linked, we often struggle to grasp their difference. However it is difficult to escape them, they are everywhere: in ISO certifications, internal control, optimization or automation of activities, clarification of responsibilities, transfer of know-how, etc. They need to be identified, sometimes optimized or harmonized, and above all described! Are you […]

Publié le 04 Mar 2020