16 steps to get ISO 27001 certification

Would you like to implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS) or obtain ISO 27001 certification? Good news! Optimiso Group reveals its best practices, successfully applied by our customers over the last 15 years. These 16 steps will provide you with a turnkey project for implementing your ISO 27001-certified ISMS.     1/ Presenting the […]

Publié le 16 Nov 2023
certification iso 9001

20 steps to get ISO 9001 certification

You want to start on a quality approach or get ISO 9001 certification but don’t know where to start? Optimiso Group reveals its strategy that has been successfully applied for over 15 years to companies of all sizes and sectors. Through 20 steps, you will benefit from a turnkey project to implement your ISO 9001 […]

Publié le 21 Apr 2023
rapport des risques asset management

Asset Manager’s Risk Report – What should it contain?

  What are the key points of a risk report for an asset management company’s board of directors? The exact scope and depth of the report is of course very specific to each company: depending on the products/services provided, the markets/clients served as well as the regulatory regime. However, they are generic “must-have” key elements […]

Publié le 20 Feb 2023
risques asset management

FINMA Risk Monitor 2022 – Top 4 Cyber Risks controls

On 10.11.2022, FINMA published its 2022 Risk Monitor. It provides an overview of what FINMA believes are the most important risks that supervised institutions are facing today. One of the key risks, amongst interest rate risk, credit risk, market risk, AML, and market access to Europe, are Cyber Risks. We would like to share with […]

Publié le 19 Dec 2022
risques entreprise à éviter

Olympic Games, Euro football, Tour de France: 8 risks to avoid !

Sport is a source of popular enthusiasm, but it can also fuel media debates, be a source of political tension or be at the center of important financial stakes. In this context, because of their activity and their internal organization, sports associations form a separate sector of activity, particularly in the context of risk management, […]

Publié le 29 Nov 2022
risques départ collaborateur

5 risks related to employee departures: How to protect yourself?

Employee departures are sometimes complicated to manage and hinder the smooth running of the company. What are the risks linked to these departures? What measures can be taken to anticipate them? How to ensure a good transition?   1 | Break in continuity When an employee leaves, there is a risk that their activities will […]

Publié le 29 Nov 2022
Système de Contrôle Interne : 5 clés principes clés à retenir

Internal Control: 5 lessons learned from practical cases

A legal obligation for most public institutions, internal control can be transformed into real added value if it is well executed. With more than 20 years of customer experience, Optimiso Group reveals 5 key benefits of internal control based on practical cases.     1 – Internal control is a unifying and motivating project Internal […]

Publié le 29 Nov 2022
internal control

Internal control, 7 controls done without knowing it

Imagine a company in which there are no controls at all. It’s hard to believe… Nevertheless, employees who have to set up an internal control system often have the feeling that they are starting from a blank page. And yet, as a general rule, almost 90% of the controls already exist. The implementation of internal […]

Publié le 29 Nov 2022
ISAE 3402, l’assurance d’un reporting financier fiable à l’égard des services offerts

ISAE 3402, a recognition that gives assurance

Do you know what Microsoft, Google, Swisscom or BNP Paribas have in common ? They have all obtained ISAE 3402 recognition. This recognition is far from being reserved for large companies. Indeed, it is aimed at all service providers – insurance, provident society, real estate investment, fiduciary, IT services, etc. – who must provide their […]

Publié le 05 Mar 2020
Différence contrôle interne et contrôle de gestion

What is the difference between internal control and management control ?

It is not always easy to understand the difference between internal control and management control. However, they are two complementary functions for the good management of companies. Beyond a simple reminder of the definitions, it is important to make a concrete distinction between their respective activities within the company. For example, internal control makes little […]

Publié le 05 Mar 2020