ISAE 3402, l’assurance d’un reporting financier fiable à l’égard des services offerts

ISAE 3402, a recognition that gives assurance

Do you know what Microsoft, Google, Swisscom or BNP Paribas have in common ? They have all obtained ISAE 3402 recognition. This recognition is far from being reserved for large companies. Indeed, it is aimed at all service providers – insurance, provident society, real estate investment, fiduciary, IT services, etc. – who must provide their […]

Publié le 05 Mar 2020
Différence contrôle interne et contrôle de gestion

What is the difference between internal control and management control ?

It is not always easy to understand the difference between internal control and management control. However, they are two complementary functions for the good management of companies. Beyond a simple reminder of the definitions, it is important to make a concrete distinction between their respective activities within the company. For example, internal control makes little […]

Publié le 05 Mar 2020
Comparatif logiciel QHSE en SaaS

QSE software in SaaS: 20 criteria for a comparison

More and more companies are acquiring dedicated Quality Safety Environment software. Their functionalities allow to rationalize and optimize QSE or QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment) practices. The choice is not to be taken lightly since this investment, if made wisely, can save time, money and serenity. With a complete QSE software, a single action, such […]

Publié le 05 Mar 2020

10 steps to effective internal control

Is your business well protected against errors and fraud? Check it out using the 10 essential steps of internal control. The internal control system is a central element in reducing the risk of error or fraud. However, it is not always easy for a company to find its way around recommendations such as those of […]

Publié le 05 Mar 2020
Difference entre processus et procedure

Understand (finally) the difference between process and procedure

Process or procedure ? Intimately linked, we often struggle to grasp their difference. However it is difficult to escape them, they are everywhere: in ISO certifications, internal control, optimization or automation of activities, clarification of responsibilities, transfer of know-how, etc. They need to be identified, sometimes optimized or harmonized, and above all described! Are you […]

Publié le 04 Mar 2020