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Software | Human Resources Manager


Automated tool manages documentation of employee roles and responsibilities

Human Resources Manager lets you assign roles or functions to every employee. It automatically adds links between all related elements of the organization including processes, procedures, departments and units, indicators, risks, mitigation measures, and controls.

Just enter the data once and the software creates and updates the job description, hierarchical or functional flowcharts, and the matrix of responsibilities.

When used with the Web Share Navigator module, the tool automates the creation of an interactive and intuitive website. Employees will find all the information they need with ease.

Human Resources Manager features:

  • Creates job descriptions automatically.
  • Draws hierarchical flowchart and link them with relevant elements.
  • Imports from LDAP or Active Directory.
  • Creates map of employees and dynamically link them with your organization’s elements.
  • Edits analytical reports such as the matrix of responsibilities.
  • Updates information in an instant.