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Solutions | Franchise Operations Manual


  • Do you want to franchise your business?
  • Do you already have a franchise business but struggle with ensuring the franchises do things consistently?
  • Do you need help creating a franchise operations manual?

It’s important that the customer experience is the same across all franchises. A well-documented franchise operations manual plays a big role in that.

In working with Optimiso Group, you gain a team that has created many franchise operations manuals and knows what works well. Your manual will be easily understood leaving no room for misunderstandings. We offer consulting, training, and software services to help your business grow with franchises.


Get support for documenting your operations manual or get personalized advice.
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Manage and communicate your operations manual with Optimiso software that your franchisees will appreciated.
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Attend training covering processes, procedures and job descriptions to help you create franchise operations manual.
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Creating Franchise Operations Manual
We can manage the whole project for you, which includes employee interviews and documentation. Or we can share the work by covering only the processes you want us to document and manage a limited aspect of the project.

Get assistance with:

  • Doing an inventory of activities and processes
  • Documenting processes, procedures and operations
  • Creating job descriptions

Consulting service
One of our consultants comes to your office to share expertise on the best ways to create your franchise operations manual.

Updating Your Franchise Operations Manual
Your business is growing and employees find better ways of doing things. For the operations manual to remain valuable, businesses must continuously review and update the manual. This ensures the manual captures the current operations while helping you find areas to improve.

We can come to your office to revise your operations manual or you can send us the modifications and new documentation and we’ll update the manual for you.


Optimiso software allows you to easily capture, communicate and update the content in your franchise operations manual. It makes complex documentation such as processes, procedures, instructions, operational modes, forms, and job descriptions simple to manage.


You and your team can attend public training sessions or request personalized onsite training. Topics include:

  • Creating and managing processes and procedures.
  • Writing and maintaining effective job descriptions.
  • Motivating franchises to use standardized processes.