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  • How long does it take for employees to find the right documents or tools?
  • Does your company have multiple offices where things aren’t done the same way?
  • Did you merge with another company and need to standardize processes?
  • Are you growing quickly, to the point you need to standardize how work gets done?

Standardizing processes involves looking at how different teams or groups do things, analyzing which is best, optimizing the process and then documenting the new and improved process. This requires a strong understanding of the differences between departments, teams, inputs, outputs and other factors.

When done right, standardized business processes can lead to cost savings, increased efficiency and reduced risk. They clarify responsibilities, speed documentation access and reduce misunderstandings between groups. And the documentation becomes a resource for quickly training new employees.

Clients like you have worked with us to maximize their return on investment in standardizing business processes. Working with us, you get a team that’s been through this before with many organizations and can bring fresh eyes to integrate, consolidate and standardize your business processes through our consulting services, training and software.


Get help with documenting your processes or receive personalized advice.

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Create, communicate and update your processes quickly using Optimiso software.
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Attend our training on processes, procedures and job descriptions to standardize your business processes.
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Creating Business Processes Documentation
We can manage the whole project for you, which includes employee interviews and documentation. Or we can share the work by covering only the processes you want us to document and manage a limited aspect of the project.

Get expert advice on how to:

  • Do an inventory of activities and processes.
  • Capture your processes and procedures.
  • Document job descriptions.

Consulting service
One of our consultants comes to your office to share expertise on how to efficiently describe and document your processes.

Updating Your Business Processes Documentation
Processes change as employees find better ways of doing things, the company gets reorganized or it acquires another company. For business process documentation to remain effective, organizations must continuously review and update their business processes. You not only ensure the documentation reflects the current way of doing things, but also find areas to improve.

We can come to your office to refresh your processes or you can send us the modifications and new documentation and we’ll update your processes for you.

Virtual Organization Manager
Need someone to fill the role of virtual organization manager, but not ready to hire full-time? You can request a virtual organization manager who comes to your office on a scheduled basis and works with your organization manager.


Optimiso software can standardize your business processes. It makes the complex simple in describing and communicating processes, procedures, org charts and job descriptions. Employees can access and view business processes on the web and be able to easily understand them.

Processes are linked to organizational elements such as responsibilities, documents and risks. When you update business processes, you’ll see a map with linked elements for analysis.

Optimiso modules for business process standardization include:


You and your team can attend public training sessions or request personalized onsite training. Topics include:

  • Creating and managing processes and procedures.
  • Writing and maintaining effective job descriptions.
  • Motivating employees to use standardized processes.