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  • Have key employees left or retired? How do you make sure you can tap into their knowledge and pass it on?
  • Is the company acquiring or being acquired?
  • Is the business growing so that activities need to be divvied up and knowledge shared?
  • How do you help a new employee learn the job? Does employee onboarding occur quickly enough?
  • Have you formalized the knowledge management (KM) process in your organization so you don’t have to worry about any of these scenarios?

By formalizing knowledge management, you can optimize all your company’s knowledge without worrying about losing it or not being able to access it. The Optimiso Group can help you design and implement knowledge management processes.


Get help documenting your processes, procedures, operations and job descriptions.
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Draw your processes, procedures and operation modes easily to capture your organizations’s knowledge.
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Attend our training that covers processes, procedures and job descriptions to document your knowledge.
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Formalizing Knowledge Management
We can manage the whole project of creating and implementing a knowledge management process for you. Project management includes interviewing key employees, describing how things are done through processes, procedures, operating guides and job descriptions, and creating a skill matrix.

Or we can share the work by doing only the steps you want us to cover and do project management on a small scale.

Here are some of the knowledge management tools we can help you create and update:

  • Inventory of activities and processes.
  • Description of processes, procedures and operations manuals.
  • Process mapping.
  • Instructions, forms and rules.
  • Organization charts.
  • Inventory of tasks.
  • Skills inventory and skills matrix.
  • Job description template.
  • Employee job descriptions.
  • Dashboards.

Consulting service
One of our consultants can come to your office and meet with your employees, advising them on how to employ knowledge management.

Updating Knowledge Management Processes
Knowledge management resources grow every day. They can quickly become outdated and useless when not maintained. That’s why it’s important to continuously review and update your knowledge management processes and tools. We can come to your office or you can send us the new information or modifications and we’ll update the documentation for you.

Staffing / Virtual Organization Manager
You can arrange to have one of our virtual organization managers to come to your office on the same day(s) every week to fulfill this role.


Optimiso software helps you organize knowledge and information. The software captures how your organization gets things done through processes and procedures. Employees can easily access the knowledge anytime and know how things work or take over an absent employee’s responsibilities.

Creating and updating information such as job descriptions and skills matrix is automatic with Optimiso Group’s software. No one will have to worry if an employee leaves, retires or becomes ill.

Optimiso knowledge management modules include:


You and your team can attend public training sessions or request personalized onsite training. Topics include:

  • Creating and updating processes and procedures.
  • Writing and revising job descriptions.
  • Designing and maintaining dashboards.