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  • Do you have documentation that clearly explains every employee’s tasks and responsibilities?
  • Can you easily find sources of conflicts or bottlenecks especially for activities that occur between departments or teams?
  • Are your employees aware of the value they bring to a process?

Process management provides businesses with an overview of activities that occur between department, units and teams. A documented process helps optimize activities, resolve conflicts and limit misunderstandings between people and units.

Documented processes let employees see the value of their work and how it affects the business as a whole. It’ll make it easier for the organization to identify areas of improvement.

You’ll also be able to easily automate your processes with business process model and notation (BPMN).


Get support to identify, describe and map your processes.

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Draw your processes and procedures quickly with a tool that employees value.

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Attend training taught by our experts who have years of practical experience.

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Creating Processes
We can manage the whole project for you. Project management includes employee interviews and documentation. Or we can share the work by covering only the processes you want us to describe. We can manage a limited aspect of the project.

You can request the following:

  • Doing an inventory of activities and processes
  • Creating your business process map
  • Describing and documenting your processes, procedures and operations

Consulting Service
Get internal support from one of our consultants. The consultant comes to your office to share expertise on how to describe and document your processes.

Updating Your Processes
Processes change as employees find better ways of doing things. As a result, effective organizations continuously review and update their business processes. We can come to your office to refresh your processes or you can send us the modifications and new documentation and we’ll update your processes for you.

Virtual Organization Manager
Need someone to fill the role of virtual organization manager, but not ready to hire full-time? You can request a virtual organization manager who comes to your office about once a week and takes on the responsibility of this role.


Optimiso process software can draw your business processes. Processes are linked to organizational elements such as responsibilities, documents and risks. This makes it simple to update the business process model and see a map with linked elements for analysis.

Employees can access and view the business processes on the web. They’ll be able to easily understand the processes. A well-meaning organization can have poorly documented processes that its employees don’t understand them. Don’t let that happen to you.

Optimiso modules that help you with process management include:


You and your team can attend public training sessions or request personalized onsite training. Topics include:

  • Creating and managing processes and procedures.
  • How to communicate processes.
  • Motivating employees to use processes.